Psychotherapies (Adults)


effective.evidence based interventions.

Cognitive Behavior Therapy (CBT)

One of the most popular and effective psychotherapy. The therapy involves cognitive-behavioral formulation of the client's problems emphasizing the role of maladaptive thinking pattern as the major deficit. The therapy brings change by helping the client learn the skill of modifying these thinking patterns. It is highly recommended for patients with depression and anxiety disorders.

Cognitive Training (CT)

Cognitive Training involves a series of cognitive (brain) exercises aimed at enhancing the functions such as attention, memory, judgement, problem-solving. It may be introduced as paper-pencil exercises or through computer based interface. Patients with neuropsychological deficits, neurological conditions and psychiatric conditions are helped by this form of therapy.

Neurofeedback Therapy

Neurofeedback or biofeedback is based on the principle of learning. The patients are trained to control their brain processes/biological activity by picking up the feedback initially provided by the machine interface. With practice the patient learns to remain in a desired state. It is highly effective for patients with medical conditions, anxiety disorders.

Systemic Therapies

Systemic therapies emphasize the importance of family system. The client's problem is formulated in terms of client's relationship with his or her family at different levels. The therapy is conducted not only with the client but with other family members also.

Psychodynamic Psychotherapies

Psychodynamic psychotherapies is based on the formulation that much of the client's problems are result of deep unconscious phenomenon. The therapy helps the clients to become aware of the conflicts running deep in his psyche leading to improvement in the symptoms.

Mindfulness and Acceptance Based Therapies

The Mindfulness and acceptance based psychotherapies are the latest therapies which are getting more and more scientific evidence. These therapies combine the scientific aspect of the best and spiritual aspect of the east. Theses therapies not only helps to overcome symptoms but they also help the client not to get into similar episode again.