Non-Clinical Well-Being Programs (Adults)



With a wide choices of career streams, it becomes imperative to choose the correct path which helps one settle at different phases of life be it student or adult life. Career mapping involves testing , to identify aptitude and formulate a correct decision in life. The one who is already in a career path, it helps one advance positively and enhance one’s credibility thereby improving his or her performance.

As each individual has a unique personality, personality mapping helps in identifying the core issues which affect one’s life in general. The various tools and tests give a clearer picture and a refined outlook towards one’s personality which goes a long way in shaping the same.

Marriage counseling enables one to identify and resolve issues between couples. It helps in strengthening  their relationships by working on the way one deals with his or her situations.

When we are able to recognize the present moment and become aware of our thinking, emotions, surroundings we are able to enhance our quality of life. Aim is to help one become aware and live in present moment.

The way a person responds to stress makes a lot of difference in one’s day to day functioning of life.We at CUBBE, provide sessions for enhancing one’s coping mechanisms to help in everyday task performance.