Inter-NEEDS Programs (Children)

inter-needs programs

individualized and most comprehensive therapeutic programs

CUBBE’s one of the expertise is to devise individualized interdisciplinary and multidisciplinary intervention programs. The idea is to estimate total of hours of interventions required in each of the specialty.

Most neurodevelopmental conditions require intricate planning (including assessments, interventions, intensity, frequency of visits, no. of therapies). Our Inter-needs programs are the answers to this issues.

We have designed programs for: Autism, AD/HD, Intellectual Disability, Global Delays, Visual Impairment, Learning disabilities. These programs are also suitable for children identified with genetic conditions like Down syndrome, Prader-Wili Syndrome, etc. Children with Borderline intelligence (Slow learners) facing academic issues will also benefit from these programs.

CUBBE Bridges
Multidisciplinary Autism (ASD) Treatment Program

The BRIDGES is an intensive/comprehensive intervention program for children identified with Autism (ASD/PDD) and related disorders. It is designed on the basic premise that children with Autism have diverse needs and they need intensive interdisciplinary intervention.

CUBBE Success
Multidisciplinary Learning Disabilities(LD) Program

The Success is one of its kind programs designed specifically for children identified with various types of specific learning disabilities (SLD). The programs main components are comprehensive psychoeducational assessment, special education, speech/language and OT assessment followed by placement of the child for assigned hours in different interdisciplinary sessions.

CUBBE Enhance
Multidisciplinary AD/DH Treatment Program

Children with AD/HD needs a holistic approach with therapeutic components of brain training, self-management, contingency management at various settings. Apart from direct benefit from psychological based approach, younger children with AD/HD and related disorders have deficits in sensory integration, social skills and academic difficulties which warrants treatment.

CUBBE Tackle

Tackle is an Interdisciplinary program for young children with intellectual disability (IDD)/MR and related disorders. It consists of all the essential components that help such children to develop their potential to the maximum.

CUBBE Early Start
Early Stimulation Program for developemntal delays

Children with Global Developmental Delay (GDD) who have a history of NICU/high risk need developmental stimulation in all areas without making them overwhelmed. They may not need different therapies for different developmental delays. At the same time mothers need to get trained to implement some important procedures during the non-therapy days. Early Start  Program is designed keeping in mind these factors.

A multidisciplinary Program for children with CVI

Children with Cerebral Visual Impairment (CVI) not only need vision therapy (visual stimulation in an individually designed therapy format) but also need multiple sensory-motor inputs to help them get secure in their environment. Sometimes they need ADL training as they tend to get dependent on the caretaker for the same. Hence, multi-disciplinary approach is needed. I SEE is such a program offered at CUBBE child care