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Workplace Well-Being Is Important

CUBBE with its mission to improve happiness and well-being with it Project Happiness is dedicated to provide quality clinical and non-clinical services at the door step of corporations and businesses as per its outreach program. The services can be customized to the needs of the organization for maximum effectiveness.

We spend more time at our workplaces than any other place. Workplace also put various demands on us with respect to specific projects, deadlines, working hours/shifts, working space, working relationships, attention and focus, aspirations, maintaining a discipline etc. Coping with all these demands require that we are not only experiencing optimum physical health but also optimum mental/psychological well-being. Any of the these demands in absence of lack of coping can further deteriorate or dis-balance our physical as well as psychological well-being/health. This not only effects an individual but groups/teams and many a times the whole organization in terms of loss of productivity, absenteeism, workplace conflicts, etc. The individual may develop signs of anxiety, depression and undesirable personality changes which further lead to failures in personal, financial, interpersonal domains.


Consultations can be provided at individual, small group or organizational level to have better understanding of a bothering issue where a mental health professional can provide his/her expert recommendations. Such sessions are most helpful in dealing with clients requiring more intensive and individual sessions.


What’s best than to learn together in a group! How about being aware of a host of issues related to our mental well-being and strategies to deal with issues before we actually develop symptoms of a clinical episode? How about knowing about issues related to our family members and children like parenting, marital distress, elderly neuropsychological issues etc. CUBBE design workshops ranging from one hour to a span of three days for various target groups. Such workshops fall into category of early intervention and preventive non-clinical approach to improve well-being.

Organizational Psychology Services

Organizational behaviours are complex set of behaviours affected by and affects multitude of functions in an organization.

Psychology can help to optimize these behaviors. 

Within Campus Resource Rooms

A mental health consultant is always available working for caring for the staff of the organization.