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No organization can contribute to society without dispensing its knowledge and resource to like minded people and professionals. Nor an organization will be able to remain aligned to its mission without developing new knowledge by doing research activities. 

With the same reason in mind, CUBBE offers certificate courses, workshops, internships opportunities to students, caretakers, enthusiasts and professionals.

We also invite people interested in doing research in collaboration with us.

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Upcoming courses in Learning Disabilities (LD), Autism, CBT,etc.

Workshops/Training programs

We conduct workshop/webinars and training programs on various topics related to disabilities and mental health. 

entrance preparations

Psychology is now a sought after stream. You can make a satisfying career in psychology by doing MA, MPhil and PhD in psychology. We help you enter the institution of your choice.

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Internships provide a special experience of learning under someone who has an expertise. We provide internships in psychology, OT, Special education and Speech therapy. 


Check out our research projects. We do research activities at our center and also in collaboration with various agencies.